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Structures Congress First Time Attendee?

Thursday, November 14, 2019

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Are you looking to attend Structures Congress 2020? Is this your first time attending an industry conference? Here are a few tips gathered from your fellow SEI members about what to expect when attending Structures Congress.

Business Cards

Bring way more than you think. You never know who you may interact with during a session, reception, at lunch or walking from one event to another. Students don't usually have business cards, but you can easily (and cheaply) create your own online. 

Caffeinate and Hydrate

Conference days can be long. They start early and go late and are jam-packed. Bring your water bottles with you. If caffeine is your thing, make sure to get that coffee or tea in the morning to keep yourself going through the day!

Get Comfortable

Many conference venues, whether they're convention centers or hotels, are expansive. While planners do their best to keep the events for the conference happening as close to each other as possible, logistically you're going to get your steps in! Wear comfortable shoes. And don't forget a light jacket for technical session rooms especially as they can be cool despite what the outside temperature may be.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

For introverts, a conference can be overwhelming. Don't be afraid to break the ice to introduce yourself, speak up, ask questions, approach your colleagues. Networking can be challenging but the most rewarding aspect of the entire conference. Go to all the events, visit the SEI booth in the exhibit hall, drop into a committee meeting. You never know who you will sit next to!

We are excited about Structures Congress 2020 and look forward to seeing returning attendees and new attendees side by side learning, engaging and working together to advance the profession.

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