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SE Licensure

  • SEI supports post-P.E. licensing of structural engineers and encourage activities to achieve this goal in each state and other jurisdictions.

  • SEI and ASCE Policies Regarding Licensure

    The Structural Engineering Licensure Coalitiondevelops resources, case studies, and presentations in support of structural engineering licensure. Until licensure is available to all practicing structural engineers, SEI has partnered with SECB for certification.


    SEI has created an opportunity for members with the Structural Engineering Certification Board (SECB)to encourage more SEI members to obtain SECB certification.

    Due to the new NCEES exam requirements, SECB has enacted a two-year minimum open enrollment method for licensed professional engineers practicing structural engineering to attain certification based upon experience and education. The license and/or registration must have been awarded on or before July 1, 2005 and must remain valid continuously through the time of application.

    The open enrollment period began January 1, 2013. SECB application fees have been temporarily reduced for SEI members to encourage more members to obtain SECB certification. SECB has reduced application fees for SEI members from $350 to $200 for a minimum period of two years.

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  • Learn about state requirements for licensure from  NCEES.

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