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    SEI Fellows ShieldThe SEI Fellow (F.SEI) grade distinguishes members as leaders and mentors in the profession.

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  • SEI Fellows enjoy:

    • Recognition in SEI communications and at Structures Congress
    • SEI Fellow wall plaque and pin
    • Use of F.SEI designation
    • No increase in dues for the SEI Fellow member grade


    To advance to SEI Fellow, you must:

    • Be a current SEI member with dues fully paid
    • Be actively involved in a local or national SEI committee or chapter. Examples of active involvement include: leadership, organizing conferences, seminars, workshops, and K-12 outreach
    • Be a licensed Professional Engineer or Structural Engineer in the United States or in the country in which the Member resides (if such licensure is available).
    • Be nominated by an Organizational Entity of SEI (this includes SEI Board of Governors, SEI Committees and SEI Chapters).
    • Have had responsible charge for a minimum of ten years of important work in structural engineering and be qualified to direct, conceive, plan, or design engineering works. Responsible charge typically means work performed after obtaining licensure as stated above.
    • Or have had responsible charge for a minimum of ten years of important industrial, business, construction, educational, editorial, research, or engineering society activity, requiring the knowledge and background gained from engineering training and experience

    It is expected that SEI Fellows will remain active in various roles to advance the mission of SEI.

    Submit a complete SEI Fellow application package online by November 1 for induction at Structures Congress next year. 

    Application Process

    Tip: View the application and prepare materials in advance before you submit the application online. While completing the application online, you will not be able to save the application as you go, but must complete and submit the application during one session. Once you submit the online form you will receive a confirmation response and a copy of the completed form in your email for your records.

    Applicants are instructed to make sure that all information requested in the application is complete and provided in detail.

    Review Procedure

    All applications will be thoroughly considered by the SEI Fellow Review Committee (SFRC).

    The SFRC is composed of:

    • 1 SEI Fellow;
    • 1 SEI Past President,
    • 1 current SEI Board member, and
    • 1 member from the SEI Membership Committee 

    All applications for advancement to the SEI Fellow grade are handled by SEI staff. The application will be initially reviewed to ensure that all documents have been received, at which time the application and accompanying documents will be scheduled for review at the next meeting of the SFRC.

    Advancement to the SEI Fellow grade requires unanimous assent of the SFRC. SFRC is authorized to grant waivers of any requirement, upon unanimous assent of the SFRC. All applicants who are approved for advancement to the SEI Fellow grade will be notified by SEI staff.

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  • I find my SEI Fellow credential to very helpful to support my career since SEI is a highly regarded institute and being an SEI Fellow holds excellent recognition."

    Hayder A. Rasheed Hayder A. Rasheed, Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE, F.ACI, F.SEI Professor, Kansas State University