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SEI Global Activities Division

  • Global Activities Division is responsible for increasing SEI members’ awareness of global issues that impact our profession and facilitating the development of skills that will allow SEI members to thrive in the world market.  The GAD shall strive to advance the role of SEI and its members globally and promote global interoperability, increase SEI’s international membership, supporting and participating in global structural engineering activities.

  • Join a GAD Committee

    SEI’s GAD is seeking individuals interested in JOINING the following GLOBAL Activities Division Committees:

    The Inter-Organizational Collaboration Committee

    Charge: To establish and advance a plan of partnerships with other international structural engineering organizations and with domestic organizations with international name recognition to mutually advance efforts of benefit to the profession

    The Global Credentials Committee

    Charge: To assume a leadership position to enable global structural engineering credentials. 

    GAD Executive Committee

    GAD Global Credentials

    GAD Inter-Organizational Collaboration

    Contact Laura E. Champion, SEI Director, to learn about GAD opportunities.