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Professional Skills Series in Leadership and Management

  • The Professional Skills Series in Leadership and Management offers guidance, training and practical leadership and management concepts for civil engineers with less than 10 years experience.

  • How is the Program Structured?

    The program is offered as five separate courses, to be presented by a local Section, Branch, or Younger Member group.  Each course consists of three 2-hour sessions, which may be presented separately or as a full-day workshop.  The courses cover the following topics:

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    What is Included?

    • Course Syllabus
    • Coordinator Checklist
    • Facilitator Checklist
    • Facilitator Guide
    • Facilitator PowerPoints (with notes)
    • Attendee Slide Handouts 
    • Exercises & Exercise Answers
    • Reference Materials
    • Printing Instructions

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    Find a Facilitator

    ASCE provides all course materials, but local groups are responsible for identifying and coordinating with their own facilitator.  Consider the following resources for requesting a facilitator in your area:

    If you need help identifying a facilitator, contact ASCE's Professional Activities Department.

  • Supercharge Your Career

    What we wish we knew when we began our civil engineering career-     
    Developed by the Committee on Leadership and Management