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Technical Groups

  • ASCE's Committee on Technical Advancement (CTA) technical groups forge the path for members to define the standards, direction, and focus of the profession.

    Increase the depth of your specialty knowledge through educational forums, print and online practice-area journals, specialized information, and best practices.

  • Open to all ASCE members, you can choose from 11 active Divisions and Technical Councils:

    Aerospace Division

    The Aerospace Division was established in 1971 to apply emerging and advanced aerospace technologies to civil engineering practice.

    Changing Climate

    The Committee on Adaptation to a Changing Climate was formed in 2011 to evaluate the technical requirements and civil engineering challenges for adaptation to climate change. Activities of the committee include research and development related to climate change and its effects on the safety, health, and welfare of the public as it interfaces with civil engineering infrastructure.

    Cold Regions Engineering Division

    The Cold Regions Engineering Division was established in 1979 to assess and report effects of cold regions environments upon engineerig design, construction and operations.

    Computing Division

    The Computing Division is concerned with efforts to capture real-world data and convert it to the information and knowledge needed to answer important civil engineering questions.

    Energy Division

    The Energy Division was authorized as Power Division on June 20, 1922 and the name changed to Energy Division on July 14, 1978. The Energy Division provides leadership on technical, professional and policy issues that bear on energy in all its forms.

    Forensic Engineering Division

    The purpose of the Forensic Engineering Division is to develop practices and procedures to reduce the number of failures, disseminate information on failures and their causes, provide guidelines for conducting failure investigations, and provide guidelines for ethical conduct in forensic engineering

    Infrastructure Resilience

    The Infrastructure Resilience Division was established in 2014 to develop a unified approach in advancing the concepts of resiliency within lifeline and infrastructure systems. The Infrastructure Resilience Division develops resources for improving the resilience of civil infrastructure and lifeline systems to all hazards.