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Kids & Teens

  • What is Civil Engineering?

    Civil engineering is all around you! Civil engineers make the world a better place. Imagine building the tallest building in the world, a bridge across a raging river, or bringing clean water into an entire town.

    Civil engineering is not just a great engineering or STEM career. It's consistently ranked as one of the best jobs in all categories.

  • What Do Civil Engineers Do?

    Civil engineers help people in real ways from deep tunnels to protect wetlands to building retractable roofs on sports stadiums.

  • "The project was a success. We, the community and I, provided a clean source of water for 100 people."
    — Madeley Arriolo Guerrero
    "I'm combating climate change and creating a better city to live in."
    — Paul Lee
    "My job is to make sure structures stand firmly on the ground during and after an earthquake. If the building remains standing, you can save hundreds of lives."
    — Menzer Pehlivan
  • Future World Vision

    Future World Vision

    Civil engineers will plan the cities of the future. Floating cities. Off world cities. How will cities change in the future?

    Games & Challenges

    Play games online to design solutions to fun engineering challenges:

    • Streetmix - Can cars and bikes share the road?

    Civil Engineering Programs for Teens

    Meet a Civil Engineer

    Wonder what college civil engineering students do? Check out the New Faces of Civil Engineering Collegiate Edition.

    Need to interview an engineer for a school assignment, or just want to find out more about the career? Send an email with your request including city and state and we'll connect you to someone in your area. No fair asking for help on a physics problem!

    Historic civil engineers used their creativity and ingenuity to lead the way to innovative civil engineering design, serving as an inspiration for today’s practitioners.  

    To date, more than 200 projects worldwide have earned the designation of ASCE Historical Civil Engineering Landmark, one that illustrates the creativity and innovative spirit of civil engineers. Almost always performed under challenging conditions, each of these engineering feats represents the achievement of what was considered an impossible dream.

  • Dream Big

    Dream Big Engineering Our World Movie Poster

    Engineers dream big, changing our world in imaginative, creative ways. 

    Want to know more? Check out Dream Big: Engineering Our World, a film about engineering that takes viewers on a journey of discovery from the world’s tallest building to a bridge higher than the clouds. Along the way, the audiences witness how today’s engineers are shaping the world of tomorrow.

    You can find Dream Big on: