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Walter LeFevre Award

Nomination Deadline: January 15th

This award is named for E. Walter LeFevre, PhD, PE, Dist.M.ASCE who endowed this award to recognize actions in promoting licensure, ethics and professionalism. The award was established by action of the Society in 2007.  Walt LeFevre was widely recognized and highly respected for his extensive contributions to engineering education and practice, to accreditation of engineering programs and leadership of engineering professional organizations.


  1. The award may be made annually to a civil engineering or related program that is accredited by the Engineering accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET. 
  2. Membership in the Society is not a consideration for this award.
  3. The Committee on Education (COE) shall recommend to the Executive Committee the recipient of the award based on its evaluation of the nominations presented. Multi-year recipients shall show continued improvement and incremental achievement.
  4. 2 awards may be given annually. One award category shall be for programs with greater than 50 graduates (large programs) and the second award category shall be for programs with 50 or fewer graduates (small programs).
  5. Criteria for the award shall include: a) the percent of graduates (minimum 60% to apply) in a particular Academic Year who took the FE while enrolled in the program, b) the percent of those graduates (from a) who passed the exam while enrolled in the program, c) the percent of eligible faculty who are licensed in a US jurisdiction, and d) a subjective, narrative evaluation (not to exceed two pages) detailing the extent to which the curriculum supports licensure, ethics, and professionalism, and describing program activities that promote these topics.  Consideration is given to improvement over previous Academic Years. Data to substantiate the narrative evaluation shall be provided with the application.
  6. The award consists of a crystal award. Up to 2 Honorable Mention awards per category, consisting of a plaque, may be presented to other deserving programs.
  7. Past recipients of the Walter LeFevre award shall be eligible to receive the award multiple times provided the evaluation shows additional performance which justifies receiving the award again.
  8. The details of the award-winning program shall be publicized through an article in an ASCE publication.

To nominate, submit the following:

You can submit your nomination electronically to, or by mail to:

ASCE Honors and Awards
1801 Alexander Bell Drive
Reston, VA 20191

Award Recipients

University of Buffalo, State University of New York, Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering (Large Program)

Oklahoma State University, School of Civil & Enviro.Engineering (Small Program); California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Architectural Engineering Program (Large Program); University of Nebraska, Charles w. Durham School of Architectural Engineering & Construction (Honorable Mention, Small Program)

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering (Small Program); California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Architectural Engineering Program (Honorable Mention, Small Program)

University of Arkansas, Department of Civil Engineering (Large Program)

Lafayette College, Department of Civil & Enviro Engineering (Small Program)

All Recipients