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C-626 Notice of Acceptability


Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC)

EJCDC Contract Documents No. C-625


C-626 Notice of Acceptability (download) - In Stock

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Prepared by the Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC).

EJCDC C-626 serves as the Engineer’s written notice to the Owner and Contractor that all of the Contractor’s Work is fully completed. It includes a full disclosure of the limitations of the Engineer’s issuance of the notice of acceptability of the Work, observing that the notice is subject to the limitations of the extent of the scope of the Engineer’s professional services as authorized by the Owner. In its provisions on final payment to the Contractor, EJCDC C-700, Standard General Conditions of the Construction Contract, requires that the Engineer issue jointly to the Owner and the Contractor the Engineer’s “notice of acceptability of the Work” as a condition precedent to the Owner making final payment to the Contractor.

EJCDC C-626 is identical to Exhibit K, Notice of Acceptability of Work of EJCDC C-500, Agreement between Owner and Engineer for Professional Services, and EJCDC C-505, Agreement between Owner and Engineer for Professional Services (Task Order Edition). 

EJCDC includes the American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Council of Engineering Companies, the Professional Engineers in Private Practice Division of the National Society of Professional Engineers, the Associated General Contractors of America, and the participation of more than fifteen other professional engineering design, construction, owner, legal, and risk management organizations.

EJCDC documents are delivered in Microsoft Word format (file extension *.doc). Microsoft Word is required if you wish to edit the files.