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Miami-Dade Branch (1976)


Area: In FLORIDA, Dade and Monroe Counties.


Daniel Giraldo,
President of Younger Members

Reinaldo Jesus Villa, P.E., M.ASCE
Branch President

Nelson Perez Jacome, P.E.
Branch Past-President

Carlos Azarias Tijerino, A.M.ASCE
Branch President-Elect

Evelyn Rodriguez, P.E., M.ASCE
Branch Vice President

Jennifer Borges, P.E.,M.ASCE
Branch Secretary

Miguel Arturo Lockward, EI,P.E.,ENV SP,M.ASCE
Branch Treasurer

Yulet Miguel, P.E.
Branch Director

Alessandra Monetti, EI, A.M.ASCE
Chair of Communications

Alfredo Ignacio Falcon, EI,A.M.ASCE
Chair of SEI Chapter

Christopher Adam Zavatsky, P.E., M.ASCE
Chair of Governing Documents

Courtlyn Hisey,
Chair of Student Member Relations

Daniel Giraldo,
Chair of Construction Institute Chapter

Katheline Tabuteau, EI, A.M.ASCE
Chair of History & Heritage

Leonard Barrera Allen, EI,A.M.ASCE
Chair of COPRI

Lisel C Suarez,
Chair of Membership

Margarita Kruyff, A.M.ASCE
Chair of EWRI

Melody A Gonzalez, A.M.ASCE
Chair of Outreach

Paola Davalos,
Chair of Professional Development

Ronald Celiz, P.E.
Chair of Transportation & Development

Santiago Jose Rodriguez, EI,A.M.ASCE
Chair of Geo-Institute Chapter

Sathvika Devi Ramaji, EI,A.M.ASCE
Chair of UESI

Steven A Lubinski, P.E., M.ASCE
Chair of Government Relations

Charmaine Chantelle Emanuels, EIT,A.M.ASCE
Co-Chair of Student Member Relations

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