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Technical Region

The Technical Region is comprised of the members of the nine ASCE Institutes. The Technical Region has the lead responsibility for ASCE goals:

  • Facilitate the advancement of technology
  • Encourage and provide the tools for lifelong learning
  • Promote professionalism

The operation of the Technical Region is conducted by a Board of Governors (TRBG), which is comprised of two representatives from each Institute and the two ASCE directors elected by the Technical Region.

The TRBG strives to coordinate the interaction between the Society's Institutes, collectively represent the Technical Region interests, and facilitate solutions to issues common to the Institutes.

TRBG Responsibilities

  • Select the official candidate(s) for Technical Region Director  
  • Recommend up to four nominees for President-Elect to Board of Direction Nominating Committee
  • Conduct Peer Reviews of Institutes 
  • Contribute to periodic updates to the Institute Operating Procedures
  • Recommend candidates to serve on Society Committees and Task Committees
  • Respond to Society issues that impact Institutes
  • Recommend individuals to serve on the OCEA Jury
  • Any other duties authorized by the Institutes or directed by the ASCE BOD  
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