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      Civil Engineers Urge Senate to Pass Transportation Bill Before Oct. 29 Deadline

      October 22, 2015

      "After more than a year of doing only the bare minimum for our nation's roads, bridges, and transit programs-short-term extensions of MAP-21-the House's Transportation & Infrastructure Committee finally made progress toward passing a multi-year surface transportation reauthorization bill. While it does not make the significant investment increase needed to address our aging roads, bridges, and transit systems, the STRR Act would provide states with greater certainty that the federal government is a trusted partner in transportation.

      "The full House needs to pass this bill quickly. There is no time to spare as the crippling short-term extensions have gone on far too long already and the latest deadline is only a few days away. The House and Senate conference also needs to be a speedy and efficient process. The measure of success of the final bill signed into law is not only a multiyear reauthorization with strong policy reform, but also a bill with robust funding to grow the program. 

      "As ASCE's Failure to Act economic studies show us, inadequate roads, bridges and transit are a drag on the economy, costing the average American family $1,060 a year through at least 2020. That is why Congress must take this opportunity to increase investment that will allow us to modernize our transportation infrastructure."