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      American Society of Civil Engineers Respond to Hurricane Harvey

      August 29, 2017

      The following is a statement from Norma Jean Mattei, P.E., Ph.D., president, American Society of Civil Engineers on Hurricane Harvey:

      "The American Society of Civil Engineers sends our thoughts and concerns to all those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Our condolences go out to those who lost loved ones in the storm or experienced substantial property damage, including more than 3,000 ASCE members in the Houston region.

      With the current focus on rescue and providing aid and support to those affected by this historic flood, we are encouraging ASCE members to donate funds to the Red Cross and the Greater Houston Community Foundation , and our local members are mobilizing via social media platforms to offer lodging to fellow members who are displaced.

      Given the large-scale of this catastrophic event, and its intimate relation to the work we do as stewards of the nation's infrastructure, ASCE is in close communication with its leaders in the Houston area to evaluate what can be done to improve the resiliency of infrastructure as Houston rebuilds, and what lessons we can learn to enhance public safety in future events wherever they may occur.

      As flood events become more common, having infrastructure that is resilient to withstand such events will become even more critical. Yet, our nation is currently plagued by 'D+' infrastructure as we face a mounting backlog of projects with inadequate funds for bridges, water mains, and our electric grid. We need to modernize our infrastructure to meet the needs of the future."