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      ASCE Statement on the America's Transportation Infrastructure Act

      July 30, 2019

      The following is a statement from Robin A. Kemper, P.E., President, American Society of Civil Engineers about America's Transportation Infrastructure Act:

      "We applaud the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee for proposing bipartisan legislation that authorizes over five years $287 billion, which is a 27% increase over FAST Act funding levels, from the Highway Trust Fund to invest in, maintain and repair our nation's roads and bridges.

      Infrastructure investment has historically been a bipartisan issue, and both Democrats and Republicans have the chance to make history by working together to do what is best for the American people. The longer we delay, the more American families continue to lose $3,400 a year due to outdated, unreliable infrastructure systems. It's time to face these challenges head-on, increase investment and modernize our nation's infrastructure. We encourage other Members of Congress to make this their top priority this year.

      We are excited to see that this bill includes a new bridge competitive grant program, resilience as a key requirement of many grant programs and safety as a top priority for both vehicles and pedestrians.

      When Congress arrives back in Washington after the August recess, we urge the Senate Commerce and Banking Committees to address their portions of the bill and for the Senate Finance Committee to find a long-term revenue solution to fix the Highway Trust Fund. We look forward to working with both chambers to turn this vision into a reality." 


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