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Vision Statement

  • Remote Section and Branches

Initiatives must be implemented to reach out to the remote section and branches that are inactive. ASCE strength is mainly focused on its branch and section membership.  ASCE should initiate a campaign to reach out to dormant section and branches and implement measures to revive them.

  • ASCE Strategic Initiatives

Need to implement sustainable milestones where the branch and section leaders can track and evaluate the progress of ASC's strategic initiatives.

  • Sustainable Funding

ASCE should work closely with the political leadership to determine and implement sustainable funding sources for the nation's infrastructure. Strategic planning sessions should include participation of the section and branch leaders as well as coordinated efforts with other engineering organizations such as ACEC, and ISPE.

  • ASCE Dues

ASCE must constantly measure, evaluate, and eliminate, modify, or strengthen its national and international programs.  Member dues drive ASCE, and it is paramount for the success of the Board of Direction. The Board must ensure that the dues are spent wisely.

  • International Presence

The board should implement measures to strengthen ASCE presence internationally. In addition to meeting and visiting with international political leaders, ASCE should work on expanding the international membership base.

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  • Master of Science in Civil Engineering, Bradley University, Peoria, IL, 1986
  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Bradley University, Peoria, IL, 1985                                                                        


  • Vice President for TERRA Engineering responsible for administration, operations and business development
  • Project Manager, Dar Group, an international design firm; instrumental in the completion of a $400 million airport project. His international experience exposed him to engineering practices in various countries including England, Italy, Egypt and Lebanon.
  • Illinois Department of Transportation, Bridge Management Engineer for the State of Illinois


  • Region 3, Governor-At-Large
  • Past President, Central Illinois Section
  • Past President, Illinois Valley Branch


  • Advisory Board, Civil Engineering and Construction Department at Bradley University
  • Director, Center for Emerging Technologies in Infrastructure at Bradley University
  • ACEC, IL IDOT Committee
  • ACEC, Chair Program and Education Committee
  • City of Peoria Race Relation Committee
  • City of Peoria Sustainability Commission
  • Rotary Club of Peoria
  • APWA Member