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April J. Lander, Mem, Env Sp, A.M.Asce

2019 Region 10 Governor

Vision Statement

As a current Region 10 Governor who has worked around the world and led the development of sustainable infrastructure to protect human health and the environment that resulted in the viable growth of communities, businesses and regional economies, I have a global vision for the future of civil engineering.  

This vision aligns with ASCE's mission to build a better quality of life by advancing technology, developing global leaders, and advocating sustainable infrastructure. 

In Region 10 ASCE membership is growing resulting in an expansion of global relationships and opportunities. Region 10 also has the greatest diversity of civil engineering problems and successful solutions. This provides a unique situation where Region 10 civil engineers can have a huge impact on the development and dissemination of best practices, innovative technology, and performance-based design. 

If re-elected, I will continue to use my business acumen and communication skills to lead strategic change and strengthen ASCE as a global society. I will promote international activities including building global partnerships, providing professional development and civil engineering educational opportunities, and facilitating the transfer of civil engineering knowledge. 


  • MEM, Water & Air, Duke University
  • BA, Environmental Management, Knox College
  • Certificates, Envision Sustainability Professional, Business Management

      Work Experience

      • Contractor with extensive experience in strategic advising, directing community/technical assistance programs, and managing grant funds and infrastructure projects in the engineering, environmental, emergency management, social and sustainable development fields.
      • Civil Defense Trainer, Waimakariri District Council, New Zealand
      • Program Manager, Enabling Good Lives, Ministries of Health, Education, and Social Development, New Zealand
      • Strategy Advisor, Environment Canterbury, New Zealand
      • Border Environment Cooperation Commission, US-Mexico
          • Co-chair, High Sustainable Development Work Group
          • Manager, Technical Assistance & Environment/Health/Sustainable Development
        • Chief, Regional Planning, Texas Water Development Board
        • Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, and North, Central & South America

            ASCE Involvement

            • Region 10 Governor
            • Global Strategy Council
            • Committee on Sustainability Liaison and Capacity Committees
            • Founding President, New Zealand Group
                • Worked cooperatively on earthquake and rebuild framework/seminars
              • EWRI Border International Water Quality Committee (21 years)
                  • Development of trans-boundary water quality standards
                • EWRI Desalinization and Water Reuse Technical Committee

                    Other Volunteer Activities

                    • Civil Defense
                    • Citizens Advice Bureau
                    • Justice of the Peace


                        • Dual citizenship US, New Zealand
                        • Partner/children, European Union citizenship