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Nanomaterials in the Environment


Edited by Satinder Kaur Brar, Tian C. Zhang, Mausam Verma, Rao Y. Surampalli, and Rajeshwar D. Tyagi

2015 / 652 pp.
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Sponsored by the Hazardous, Toxic, and Hazardous Waste Engineering Committee of the Environmental Council of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of ASCE

Nanomaterials in the Environment offers the most current knowledge on the environmental impact of materials and products developed using nanotechnology. Nanomaterials are revolutionizing electronics, medicine, transportation, and many other industries, but they pose risks to living beings and ecosystems that are barely understood. The 23 chapters in this book consider the science of nanomaterials, their behavior in the environment, risk assessment and toxicology, and the future of nanomaterials.

Topics include:

  • basic physical-chemical nature of nanomaterials;
  • technologies for nanomaterial characterization, assessment, testing, and monitoring;
  • behavior, fate, and transport of natural and engineered nanomaterials in water, air, soil, sediments, and constructed environments;
  • environmental hazards and risk assessment;
  • nano-ecotoxicology for animals and humans, microorganisms, plants, and ecosystems;
  • ethical, legal, and social implications;
  • responsible nanotechnology; and
  • green nanomaterials.

With contributions from the leading researchers in nanotechnology, this book is an essential reference for scientists, practicing engineers, government officials, process managers, and students.

The editors were awarded the 2017 ASCE State-of-the-Art Civil Engineering Award, which was endowed because “…science and art of civil engineering can cope with information expansion only if its most gifted practitioners will review and interpret the state-of-the-art for the benefit of their colleagues.”

Product Reviews
"This book is a useful guide for researchers involved with various forms of nanomaterials. It covers topics such as the characterization, assessment, and monitoring of nanomaterials; how nanomaterials interact with the environment; and the risk and toxicology of the materials. [A] helpful, informative resource for nanomaterials practitioners … [i]t makes readers aware of their potential risks and the possibility that an entire industry might be branded as dangerous. Numerous references and a useful index support the text. Figures are clear and of sufficient quality."--H. Giesche, Alfred University for CHOICEconnnect