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LEAME Software and User's Manual

Analyzing Slope Stability by the Limit Equilibrium Method


Yang H. Huang, Sc.D., P.E.

ASCE Press

2014 / 242 pp.
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LEAME Software and User’s Manual: Analyzing Slope Stability by the Limit Equilibrium Method provides a PC-based software program for performing slope stability analyses, along with supporting documentation. LEAME (limit equilibrium analysis of multilayered earthworks) is the most recent version of software, previously known as REAME (rotational equilibrium analysis in multilayered embankments). Developed by Yang H. Huang at the University of Kentucky and thoroughly tested in both engineering firms and classrooms, LEAME determines the factors of safety for both two- and three-dimensional slopes and contains many new features not available elsewhere to solve practical problems in slope stability.

The software is accompanied by a PDF user’s manual with detailed instructions for installing and operating LEAME. The manual explains the input parameters in each data entry form. It also describes the features available for two- and three-dimensional analysis, illustrated with sample problems and worked examples. Data files for the examples are also included. The application of LEAME to problems of spoil and waste disposal in surface mining is covered in detail, including worked examples.

The software and user’s manual are offered in conjunction with a companion volume, Slope Stability Analysis by the Limit Equilibrium Method: Fundamentals and Methods, which presents principles and methods for using the limit equilibrium method in analyzing slopes. In combination, the book, software, and user’s manual provide practicing engineers, engineering professors, and students with a complete set of tools for understanding and analyzing challenges in slope stability.

The LEAME software can be used on any PC with Windows 95 or higher. It is not available for other operating systems. Software is supplied under a license that restricts usage to a single computer. Multi-user/multisite licenses are available by inquiring at or calling 1-800-548-2723.

About the Author
Yang H. (Pete) Huang, Sc.D., P.E.
,is professor emeritus in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Kentucky, where he was on the faculty for 26 years. He has published more than 100 papers and reports and is the author of two previous books, Stability Analysis of Earth Slopes and Pavement Analysis and Design.