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Managing Gigaprojects

Advice from Those Who've Been There, Done That


Edited by Patricia D. Galloway, Ph.D., P.E.; Kris R. Nielsen, Ph.D., J.D.; and Jack L. Dignum

ASCE Press

2012 / 480 pp.
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Managing Gigaprojects: Advice from Those Who’ve Been There, Done That reports from the leading edge of the world’s biggest infrastructure construction projects. Megaprojects, with costs of more than US$1 billion, are being surpassed by gigaprojects, with pricetags higher than US$10 billion. These super-size projects are critical to meeting the growing demands of global populations, yet they present daunting obstacles for effective planning, design, construction, and delivery. Not only do the challenges of enormous projects increase exponentially with their size, but these projects can span long time frames. Risk management alone poses unprecedented problems of scale and complexity.

Galloway, Nielsen, and Dignum have assembled a stellar group of financiers, owners, program managers, consultants, designers, contractors, and legal counsel, all of whom have frontline experience with megaprojects and gigaprojects. In the first part, these experts share lessons learned and best practices developed as they grappled with specific difficulties posed such large-scale projects. In the second part, construction professionals describe projects undertaken in the Middle East, Brazil, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America with a view to highlighting strategies that lead to success.

Engineers, construction managers, planners, and risk managers will find in this volume useful tools for the effective and efficient execution of megaprojects and gigaprojects. Managing Gigaprojects is also an indispensable guide for investors, senior executives, board members, and other participants involved in these large-scale projects.