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Engineering Your Future

The Professional Practice of Engineering, Third Edition


Stuart G. Walesh, Ph.D., P.E.

ASCE Press

2012 / 504 pp.
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Copublished with John Wiley & Sons.

Technical competency, the "hard side" of engineering and other technical professions, is necessary but not sufficient for success in business. Young engineers must also develop nontechnical or "soft-side" competencies like communication, marketing, ethics, business accounting, and law and management in order to fully realize their potential in the workplace.

This updated edition of Engineering Your Future is the go-to resource on the nontechnial aspects of professional practice for engineering students and young technical professionals alike. The content is explicitly linked to current efforts in the reform of engineering education, including ABET's Engineering Criteria 2000 and ASCE's Body of Knowledge. The book treats essential nontechnical topics you'll encounter in your career, like self-management, interpersonal relationships, teamwork, project and total quality management, design, construction, manufacturing, engineering economics, organizational structures, business accounting, and much more.

Features new to this revised edition include: a stronger emphasis on management and leadership; a focus on personal growth and developing relationships; expanded treatment of project management; coverage of how to develop a quality culture and ways to encourage creative and innovative thinking; a discussion of how the results of design, the root of engineering, come to fruition in constructing and manucturing, the fruit of engineering; new information on accounting principles that can be used in your career-long financial planning; and an in-depth treatment of how engineering students and young practitioners can and should anticipate, participate in, and ultimately effect change.

Engineering Your Future is essential reading for students or young practitioners at the beginning of their engineering careers.

About the Author
Stuart G. Walesh, Ph.D., P.E., is an independent consultant who provides management, engineering, and education/training services to private, public, academic, and volunteer sector organizations. With more than 40 years of engineering, education, and management experience, Walesh has worked as a project manager, department head, discipline manager, author, marketer, sole proprietor, professor, and dean of an engineering college.