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Dominion Creek Tunnel and Trestle Repair

Location Information: Taft, Montana United States

GIS Data:

Project Type(s): Public Parks and Recreation

Project Owner/Agency: U.S. Forest Service

Budget: $500,001 - $1,000,000

Envision Rating: Not Rated


The intent of this project was to rehabilitate the 650' long bridge and the adjacent 450' long tunnel in order to provide public pedestrian access to approximately 8 miles of the old railroad grade. It is envisioned as the first leg of a continuous 30 mile long, mixed-use trail from the Montana/Idaho border to St. Regis, Montana. DJ&A, PC contracted with the US Forest Service to conduct a preliminary assessment of the trail, tunnel, and trestle, to prepare final plans and specifications for the construction of the preferred alternatives, and to assist in the construction observation of the project.

Dominion Creek trestle Article

Triple Bottom Line

Economic: The project incorporated existing elements into the finished product whenever possible. The concrete tunneling was cut out and replaced only where severely deteriorated. All ballast materials were salvaged and reused as fill and surfacing.

Environmental: The severely damaged deck was replaced with a treated timber deck (a renewable resource). The existing railroad grade and features were maintained and unique features, such as electric cable supports and signal light sign bases will ultimately be part of the trail interpretations.

Social: Following NEPA process, there was an active public involvement on this project. Also the new trail will provide an important recreational opportunity and serve as an economic stimulant for a depressed local economy.

Contact Information

Christopher Anderson, Project Manager, DJ&A, P.C.