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26th Ward Wastewater Treatment Plant

Location Information: New York, New York United States

GIS Data:

Project Type(s): Drinking Water and Wastewater

Project Owner/Agency: New York City Department of Environmental Protection

Budget: Over $10,000,000

Envision Rating: Silver


The 26th Ward Wastewater Treatment Plant in Brooklyn is based on a 57.3-acre site and serves about 283,000 residents in East New York, Canarsie, and Brownsville. It has the capacity to receive, clean, and disinfect as many as 170 million gallons a day of combined sanitary and stormwater flow.

Triple Bottom Line

Economic: The $150 million project extended the useful life of the facility to minimize future maintenance costs.

Social: Good-neighbor design features incorporated in the project include the installation of new process blowers that will be located in the interior of the Pump and Blower House, which will reduce noise in the community. Existing flood lighting will be replaced with discreet light sources to minimize light pollution and achieve recommended lighting levels and lamps that have photometric reduction of light spillage and energy efficient LED lighting.

Environmental: Plant improvements include efficient and durable main sewage pumps, process air blowers, LED lighting, and a green roof installation. The project also includes infrastructure design elements that address long-term adaptability and resilience to climate change and extreme weather and reused materials where possible. The project was located entirely on a previously developed site, reducing wildlife impact.

Innovative Aspects

The 26th Ward Wastewater Treatment Plant is the first wastewater treatment plant in the United States to qualify for an ISI Envision award. The Brooklyn project provides primary treatment redundancy and uniform grit distribution at the preliminary settling tanks during wet-weather events, along with associated structural, architectural, electrical, and instrumentation upgrades.

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