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Grand Bend Area Wastewater Treatment Facility

Location Information: Grand Bend Area, Ontario Canada

GIS Data:

Project Type(s): Drinking Water and Wastewater

Project Owner/Agency: Municipality of Lambton Shores, Municipality of South Huron

Budget: Over $10,000,000

Envision Rating: Not Rated


The municipalities of Lambton Shores and South Huron commissioned global design firm Stantec to convert one of four existing lagoons into an extended aeration mechanical treatment facility and wetland nature reserve. The facility prevents effluent discharges from adversely impacting surface and groundwater quality and allows for responsible community development. Stantec used the ISI Envision framework during the design to integrate sustainable features throughout the facility.

Triple Bottom Line

Economic: The design reduced construction and operational costs through a focus on efficiency. Equal contributions from federal and provincial governments funded the project.

Social: Improvements included trails and interpretive signage to encourage community visitors.

Environmental: The project prevents effluent discharges from adversely impacting surface and groundwater quality. A constructed wetland was put in place to support native wildlife species and further buffer treated effluent. The flexible design makes the facility responsive to changing sewage flows. Construction was restricted to the boundaries of the original facility's footprint to protect prime farmland.

Innovative Aspects

The facility is the first project in Canada and the first wastewater facility in North America to earn an ISI Envision award.

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