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Line J, Section 1 Pipeline Project

Location Information: North Central Texas, Texas United States

GIS Data:

Project Type(s): Drinking Water and Wastewater

Project Owner/Agency: Tarrant Regional Water District

Budget: Over $10,000,000

Envision Rating: Silver


Water demands in Tarrant County are expected to double in the next 50 years, and area lakes have not been able to meet demands, leading to TRWD's extensive water transmission system.The project us a two mile, 108-inch diameter pipeline delivering water from the Kennedale Balancing Reservoir directly to the Arlington Outlet, dedicating a significant amount of water demand from the existing pipelines, and allowing the District to meet further demands at the Rolling Hills Water Treatment line.

Triple Bottom Line

Economic: The pipeline stimulates economic growth and development through increased water availability, thereby attracting new businesses and residents. The efficiency and reliability of the transmission system increases and defers the need for new water supplies and more pipelines and pump stations.

Social: The project improves the net quality of life for many of the communities served by increased ability to transfer raw water to 1.9 million users.

Environmental: To maintain wetland and surface water functions, hydraulic and geomorphology studies were performed. Two ecosystem functions are maintained by the pipeline. The design also incorporated several initiatives to reduce excavated materials taken of sight, instead using them as pipe embedment, trench backfill, and borrow material to grade properties adjacent to the pipeline. The infrastructure system is designed, operated, and maintained to be flexible and resilient to changing climate and social conditions. 

Innovative Aspects

The project earned an ISI Envision award for its implementation of sustainable practices. The method to design, field produce, and field install an embedment material produced with low quality trench excavated soils is new to Texas.

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