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Pier G Slip Fill and Associated Dredging Project

Location Information: Long Beach , California United States

GIS Data:

Project Type(s): Transit

Project Owner/Agency: Port of Long Beach

Budget: Over $10,000,000

Envision Rating: Not Rated


The project removed more than 80 acres of contaminated sediment from the former Naval Complex at the West Basin of the Port of Long Beach. The Port was able to divert over 500,000 cubic yards that would have otherwise gone to upland landfills to successfully develop 14 acres of usable land which are now utilized as part of a container terminal essential to Port operations.

Triple Bottom Line

Economic: By placing the sediment at the "in-water" disposal site, the project saved $70 million on trucking and disposal costs. The deepening of the waterways ensured safe passage for vessels that carry over $180 billion in cargo annually to support businesses and generate tax revenue.

Social: The project provided substantial community benefits by creating temporary jobs during construction and permanent jobs from increased port trade, as well as safely removing unexploded ordnance and munitions. By avoiding more than 39,000 truck trips to move the sediment to upland landfills, the design avoided congestion on the highways.

Environmental: The elimination of the travel to an upland landfill, the project minimized air emissions and carbon emissions. Electric dredging and the use of recycled materials as fill surcharge reduced emissions as well. Remediation of sediment contamination improved the health of the local ecosystem.

Innovative Aspects

The project received ASCE's 2014 Innovation in Sustainable Engineering Award. In accordance with the Port's Green Port Policy, the innovative solution for sediment removal saved the Port significant travel and disposal costs and mitigated carbon emissions.

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