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South Los Angeles Wetland Park

Location Information: Los Angeles, California United States

GIS Data:

Project Type(s): Public Parks and Recreation, Inland Waterways

Project Owner/Agency: City of Los Angeles

Budget: Over $10,000,000

Envision Rating: Not Rated


The South L.A. Wetland Park infrastructure project is located in a historically underserved area of the city. The projects are being implemented to protect public health by removing pollution from the City's watercourses, beaches, and the ocean in order to meet Federal Clean Water Act requirements. Features include remediation of a former brownfield site to create new urban green space and a public park.

Triple Bottom Line

Economic: By incorporating energy efficient lighting and native plant species, park maintenance costs were significantly reduced. The efficiently engineered urban runoff provides water security for the surrounding community and encourages local business and residential development.

Social: The project enhanced public space and restored site accessibility. The project team developed way-finding signage located near the entrance of the park, and addressed safety and accessibility in and around the park by providing access and egress points, as well as installing security cameras at the site.

Environmental: The project improved infrastructure integration, using water from the storm drain network to sustain the wetland. Solar energy lighting reduced energy consumption by 77%. Native California plant species were introduced, requiring no pesticides or fertilizer. These open water, emergent marsh, riparian and upland plants contribute to wetland habitat and biodiversity restoration.

Innovative Aspects

The project is the first in Southern California to receive an ISI Envision award, and is only the second to receive an Envision Platinum rating. The design turned a previous brownfield site to a park that uses urban runoff as a treatment-wetland sustaining resource.

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