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Bancroft Avenue Roadway Reconstruction

Location Information: San Leandro, California United States

GIS Data:

Project Type(s): Roads

Project Owner/Agency: City of San Leandro

Budget: $1,000,001 - $2,500,000

Envision Rating: Not Rated


Bancroft Avenue in San Leandro needed to be rebuilt due to severe base failure of the pavement section. Complete reconstruction required removing the existing failed section and replacing it with imported aggregate and Hot Mix Asphalt. HSI Engineering introduced the economical, sustainable and stable process of Full Depth Rehabilitation as an alternative method of reconstruction. FDR recycles the existing pavement materials in-place and enhances them with cement to form a base for new HMA overlay.

Triple Bottom Line

Economic: By using FDR on the Bancroft Avenue Roadway Reconstruction Project, the city was able to save 45% on the upfront costs of rebuilding the road. Since the new road will last longer than a traditionally designed road, the city will also save on the long-term costs of maintaining it. The initial cost savings of using FDR was drastic: Remove and replace cost $7.39 per square foot, while Full Depth Rehabilitation cost $4.05 per square foot of roadway.

Environmental: By using Full Depth Rehabilitation on Bancroft Avenue, the City eliminated the need for the old pavement materials to be trucked to a landfill and new quarried rock to be trucked in-this reduced the construction traffic significantly which meant less impact to other city roads, less diesel fuel used, less air pollution and less traffic congestion. FDR allowed the City to re-use a valuable resource- the existing in-place aggregate base and pulverized asphalt- instead of the more environmentally wasteful process of completely removing and replacing the entire roadway.

Social: Based on the success of using Full Depth Rehabilitation, and the costs savings realized by the City, the City of San Leandro has been able to revitalize over 20 of the cities failing roads. The City can now do more with their road reconstruction budget and provide better, longer lasting roads, for less money, to their residents and traveling motorists.

Contact Information

Donatas Greb, P.E., Vice-President
HSI Engineering