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Around the World in XX Days Using YY Ways

  • A Student Competition developed by the American Society of Civil Engineers, Transportation & Development Institute (ASCE/T&DI).

    Jules Verne - Portrait
    Inspired by the 1873 adventure novel penned by Jules Verne, where the main character, Phileas Fogg of London, accepts a £20,000 wager (£2,221,600 in 2018) set by his friends to circumnavigate the world in 80 days. It was believed that with the completion of railroads in India and the United States, global travel was possible in 80 days. Phileas accepted the challenge and so the adventure began.

    The planned itinerary and selected modes of transportation provided in Verne’s story are provided below. My how times have changed. The automobile hadn’t made its debut yet, and flight hadn’t taken off yet.

    Think about how quickly we can span the globe now. The world has truly gotten smaller, and advancements in technology have played a major role. With the industrial revolution first, ushering in automobiles and airplanes in the early 1900s, then the computer revolution followed by the network and communications revolution, there now are many modes of transportation to choose from. Trips can be planned to minimize time, minimize cost, minimize energy consumption, while at the same time maximizing the thrill of the adventure.

    Jules Verne - Planned Itinerary - Courtesy Wikipedia

    The Concept for this Competition

    Your adventure will be similar, and your challenge will be to minimize the number of days to circumnavigate the world/globe using as many modes of transportation as possible. The only restriction you have is the mode of transportation must be suitable for the terrain (i.e., bicycles cannot traverse across the Mediterranean Sea). In addition, there are a few locations or checkpoints you must travel through on your journey. Other than that, you are free to choose your route, mode of transportation used along the way and other pertinent details to compile for judging and scoring your adventure.

    This is a planning and logistics competition: You need not physically complete the travel and prove it with a stamped passport! You can work individually or in groups, but if you work in groups, your journey should reflect only 1 person traveling.

    How it Works

    XXYY Competition - Start End Point GlyphStarting Point and Ending Point:
    Space Needle, Seattle, Washington (USA)

    XXYY Competition Touch Point GlyphTouch Points
    Shown graphically with the arrow symbol on the map

    • Montreal, Canada
    • Bangkok, Thailand
    • Wellington, New Zealand
    • Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • Madrid, Spain
    • Istanbul, Turkey
    2020 XXYY Competition Map


    Register to Compete You must register with ASCE Collaborate to compete.

    Not an ASCE member? Create a new account. ASCE membership is free for students. Only one member of your team should create a credential if you elect to compete as a team.

    Due Date

    Submittals are due by (11:59pm ET) Submittals shall be electronically submitted to Leanne Shroeder. Please include Student Competition Submission in the subject line of your email.


    3 finalists (individual or team) will be selected from the entry pool, based on a total point scale, as well as any WOW-factor the judging panel considers pertaining to the thrill of the adventure and the creative use of transportation modes integrated into your journey. These finalists will be notified by email of their selection by May 14, 2021. Each of these 3 finalists will be invited to the ASCE T&DI flagship conference (ICTD) to be held virtually the summer of 2021. A special session will be arranged at the ICTD 2021 Virtual Event to allow each of the 3 finalists to provide a 15-minute presentation (PowerPoint, Poster or Video) and a final vote will be made for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Failure to accept the conference invitation will result in an award made to the next highest scored/rated entry.


    Refer to the complete rules and instructions for further details and important deadlines, documents and resources.