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Transportation and Development

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    The Transportation and Development Institute (T&DI) supports the advancement of integrated transportation and development that is safe, secure, and sustainable. T&DI is a membership-based organization with members from academia, government, and the transportation and development industry that collaborate to promote professional excellence.

  • 2019 ASCE ICTD - Highlight

    2019 International Conference on Transportation & Development

    June 9-12, 2019
    Alexandria, Virginia

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    2019 Pavements Conference - Highlight

    2019 International Airfield and Highway Pavements Conference

    July 21-24, 2019
    Chicago, Illinois

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    T&DI produces many publications including books, standards, committee reports, and journals. These materials, as well as others published by ASCE, help T&DI members stay current with industry standards and changes.

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    Books & Standards

    T&DI Standard Structural Design of Interlocking Concrete Pavement for Municipal Streets and Roadways 

    Structural Design of Interlocking Concrete Pavement for Municipal Streets and Roadways, Standard ASCE/T&DI/ICPI 58-16, establishes guidelines for developing appropriate pavement structures for various traffic and subgrade conditions. Interlocking concrete pavers can provide a durable and effective pavement system, but as with any pavement, proper design, construction, and maintenance procedures are required. Continue Reading

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