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UESI Divisions Update

Friday, February 17, 2017

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UESI forms new Utility Infrastructure Asset Management Division

On December 13, 2016, the task committee to create UESI's Utility Infrastructure Asset Management (UIAM) Division met at Virginia Tech offices in Arlington, Virginia. The purpose of the UIAM Division is to advance and disseminate knowledge related to the holistic life-cycle asset management of utility infrastructure. The new UIAM Division executive committee include Sunil Sinha (Chair), Celine Hyer, Devan Thomas, David Hughes, Craig Cilluffo, Raj Bhaharai and Ahmad Habibian.

The new division will launch three technical committees; the Energy Infrastructure Committee, Water Infrastructure Committee and Telecommunications Infrastructure Committee. Please contact UESI at for more information on UIAM.

Pipeline Division

The 2017 Pipelines Conference website was launched on October 5, 2016. A total of 275 abstracts were received for approval. The preliminary program was finalized in late January and registration is now open!

The Pipeline Division will be publishing three new Manual of Practice in 2017. These include:

  • Manual of Practice on Sustainable Pipes
  • Manual of Water Pipelines Condition Assessment
  • Manual of Practice Pilot Tube and Other Guided Boring Methods

The Pipelines Division Executive Committee met on January 27-28 in Toronto, Canada, the site of the 2018 Pipelines Conference.

Utility Risk Management Division

John Campbell was approved to serve as new Chair of the Utility Risk Management Division (URMD) Executive Committee replacing Jim Anspach who will become UESI President on October 1, 2017.

UESI has been working with the ASCE Texas Branch to launch the UESI Texas Chapter.

The URMD held a workshop at Louisiana Tech University last August on Utility Investigations that was attended by more than 30 attendees.

Jim Anspach plans to hold a UESI open meeting of UESI Chapters and speaking at the Common Ground Alliance Conference in Orlando, Florida in

Surveying & Geomatics Division

The Surveying & Geomatics Division Executive Committee, approved a new technical committee, the Underwater Technologies Committee. Terrance Brown will serve as chair of the committee.

The ASCE Surveying and Mapping Award will be given at the 2017 Pipelines Conference in Phoenix, Arizona on 2017.

The first UESI Surveying & Geomatics workshop was held on January 6, 2017 at Cal Poly Pomona, CA.  The Surveying & Geomatics Division executive committee and technical committees met on  January 7, 2017 at Cal Poly Pomona.

The Surveying Committee is preparing a new Manual of Practice on Engineering Surveying that is scheduled to be completed in 2017.

The Division is planning to hold a UESI Surveying and Geomatics Conference at Cal Poly Pomona in April 2018.  This will be the first ASCE Surveying related conference since 1992.