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Horizontal Auger Boring Task Force Release Second Edition of Manual of Practice

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

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The UESI announce the release of the second edition of the Horizontal Auger Boring Projects Manual of Practice No. 106. This second edition comes after the original ASCE Manual of Practice No. 106 was released in 2004. The second edition was prepared by the Horizontal Auger Boring Task Force of the Trenchless Installation of Pipelines Committee of UESI.

Horizontal Auger Boring Projects, Second Edition, is a comprehensive manual of practice covering horizontal auger boring techniques for pipeline crossing. The objective of this second edition of MOP 106 is to present current practices for the planning, design, and construction of pipelines under highways and railroads using HAB. These cost effective and versatile techniques can also be applied to various utility installations crossing under or parallel to roads and streets.

This manual is divided into seven sections. The first section provides an overview of HAB and other trenchless alternatives. The second section provides details of the HAB system, including system components, recent innovations, and variations of the HAB system. The remaining five sections provide information on the planning phase, geotechnical investigation, design phase, and construction phase of a horizontal auger boring project.

This MOP will assist engineers, contractors, and owners involved in new pipe installation projects using HAB methods to design and carry out projects effectively and safely.

The UESI gratefully acknowledge the following task committee members for the work and completion of this second edition manual of practice:

  • Task Committee Chairman/Co-Editor: Alan Atalah
  • Task Committee Secretary/Co-Editor: Lameck Onsarigo
  • Principal Authors:  
    • Craig Camp
    • Tom Fuerst
    • Robert Martin
    • Babs Marquis
    • David Scarpato
    • Nick Strater
  • Review Committee:
    • Tom Iseley
    • Mohammad Najafi
    • Brian Dorwart
    • Daniel Liotti

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