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September 2017 Message from UESI President

Friday, September 22, 2017

What a conference! Congratulations to the Pipeline Division and the 2017 Conference Steering Committee for another excellent experience. I believe we have found the ideal footprint for our conferences in the future. 

Thank you to all attendees for your support, we counted more than 830 of you. In addition, there were more than 100 exhibitors, a record we have been building towards for some time.

The UESI Board of Governors is hoping a positive experience at the Pipelines Conference will encourage non-members to join ASCE and UESI. Membership is very important to us as it allows UESI to grow its programs and better serve the profession. Our data tells us that more than half of Pipelines Conference attendees are not UESI members. Please consider becoming a member of UESI and joining your fellow pipeline professionals, surveyors, and utilities engineers to work together and address the issues of infrastructure renewal and replacement, for the safety, health, and welfare of the public.

UESI Chapters

Have you considered forming a UESI Chapter? Great idea. At this time, there are eight established Chapters, and several under development. All you need is a leader and a few good members. John Segna and Susan Reid will assist you getting underway. Interaction at the Section and Branch level helps UESI communicate the message about who we are and where we are going in a very direct way. You can offer to do a presentation about UESI to your local ASCE Section or Branch. They are often looking for interesting content and you will make face-to-face contact with others who may be interested in starting a chapter.  

Recently I attended the ASCE Georgia Section Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet. My mission was to interact with the attendees, communicate the benefits of UESI, and promote membership. I was surprised to learn that few people have heard of UESI? After my own advocacy for four years, I realized that I take it for granted that our message and brand has been getting out. I was pleased to get a small window of opportunity and I'm certain a UESI Georgia Chapter will be a reality in due time. So, think about the possibilities, and contact John Segna or Susan Reid for their assistance at your earliest convenience.

New UESI Board Members

Well, the end of the fiscal year is approaching, which means on October 1, 2017, I will be Past-President. It's been an exciting year and so many things are coming together it's almost unreal. You never can accomplish everything you want to do in one year, but you sure can get a lot done. The Pipeline Division becoming an Institute was on my mind (and others I might add) for many years. Teaming with the Surveying and Geomatics Division, and with a dose of Construction Institute expertise, we have integrated all into one great institute for the society and our profession. I've met so many dedicated professionals from different technical interests and expertise. Interacting with such great people makes it so much more rewarding. 

Not to fear, starting on October 1, 2017 Jim Anspach will be UESI's first real President. I'm sure he will bring a new dynamic to the everyday operation of UESI. Best of luck Jim. I'll still be around to assist you whenever you call. Waiting for my first assignment.

We were very fortunate to get the level of talent and dedication required for the first round of Board Governors. Unfortunately, three original members who have made the cycle now will be stepping down from the Board. Thank you for your service and commitment to get this done: Randy Hill, who successfully has established his own consulting firm, but we may see him on a sail boat; Ralph Carpenter, who has retired from American Ductile Iron Pipe, and will continue to do some Marketing Committee work for us; and Cesar Quanta who promises to continue promoting UESI.

Who's coming on board? That would be Graham Bell from HDR, Steven Kramer from COWI, and John Campbell recently retired Utility Engineer from Texas Department of Transportation. Welcome Aboard. 

Again, thank you for all your support and keep those members coming. 


Joe Castronovo, P.E., F.ASCE
UESI President