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September 2018 UESI Division Update

Thursday, September 6, 2018


  • The Surveying Committee is preparing a new manual of practice on Surveying Engineering. An ASCE webinar about this manual was held in August. The new manual should be finalized within the next month and be available in the spring of 2019. It is a much-needed update of the previous manual that was published in the late 1980s.
  • The Education Committee is developing an ASCE Online Guided Course on the fundamentals of surveying engineering.
  • The Division has started planning for the 2020 Surveying & Geomatics Conference to be hosted by Cincinnati State University in the spring of 2020. 
  • The 2018 Surveying and Geomatics Conference, held on the campus of Cal Poly Pomona in April 2018, was very successful. This indicated that there is a need for a technical conference examining issues in aerial mapping, remote sensing, unmanned aircraft systems, lidar, utility and subsurface surveying, building information modeling, and more.
  • The Education Committee is developing plans for a national ASCE Student Surveying Competition in 2019.
  • UESI is working with the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) on the Future of Surveying Task Force and how to get more students interested in a surveying career.

For more information about the division and its ongoing activities,  contact Dan Gillins.


  • The 2018 Pipelines Conference was a great success with a total of 938 attendees, and the exhibit hall was completely sold out.  There were four pre-conference workshops that went in-depth on topics important to the profession.
  • A new program this year, UESI selected 40 public sector professionals and 5 students to receive scholarships to attend the Pipelines 2018 Conference.  This program will be growing next year, increasing the number of scholarships for the Pipelines 2019 Conference, to be held in Nashville, TN.
  • The 2018 Stephen D. Bechtel Pipeline Engineering Award was presented to Randy Randolph, P.E., M.ASCE (Central Arizona Project - retired) at the Pipelines Conference.
  • The Pipelines 2019 Conference Steering committee has started reviewing the large number of submitted abstracts and will soon be selected presentations for the technical program.
  • Over the next three years, the Division will be developing or revising 13 manuals of practice.
  • As part of the Division's global outreach & collaboration, members of the Pipelines Division ExCom visited Zhengzhou University, Henan Province, China to attend their Annual International Symposium.  The group also recently attended a symposium in Chongqing, China

For more information about the division, contact Sam Ariaratnam.


  • The Division is creating a new committee on Data and Tools to work on data standard model specification and data visualization.
  • The Division is revising manual of practice 134: Water Pipe Conditioning Assessment.
  • A task committee has been formed to prepare a white paper on asset management needs.
  • The Division is exploring developing a joint workshop with ASCE's Infrastructure Resilience Division, that will be held at ASCE Headquarters in 2019.
  • UESI will co-sponsor the SWIM Conference, held at the Virginia Tech Campus in Arlington, VA on December 6-8, 2018.
  • The Division will represent UESI at the ASCE - India Section Conference, to be held in December 2019.

For more information about the division, contact Sunil Sinha.


  • The Utility Investigations Committee is preparing a webinar for early 2019 on effective utility records research. A task force, composed of experienced practitioners from around the country, has developed a very informative white paper on the topic.
  • Members of the Division Executive Committee represented UESI at the International Right of Way Association (IRWA) Annual Conference, held in Edmonton, Canada, July 24-27. UESI Governor John Campbell moderated a panel discussion of utility engineering subject matter experts.
  • Division Vice-Chair, Phil Meis participated in a workshop given by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Underground Infrastructure Pilot Project: Model for Underground Data Definition and Interchange (MUDDI), that was held July 24-25 at the New York City Offices of the Fund for the City of New York.
  • The Division collaborated with FHWA/NHI on effective utility investigations.
  • The Division collaborated with IRWA on plans reading and understanding,
  • With APWA, the Division completed a technical report, SUE Guide for Municipalities, that will be a companion document to ASCE 38.
  • UESI co-sponsored the 40 hour "Geophysics for SUE Professionals" course with Louisiana Tech. More than 100 students have completed the course, and the next session is scheduled for the last week of February 2019
  • The Division is exploring developing multiple certification programs: Certified Subsurface Utility Engineering Professional, Certified Subsurface Utility Engineering Designator, Certified Utility Engineer, Certified Engineering Surveyor, and Certified Utility Coordinator.

For more information about the division, please contact Drew Markewicz.


Several standards previously published by the Construction Institute will be transferred to UESI after the completion of their present review cycle: 

  • ASCE 15: Standard Design of Low Head Pressure Pipe
  • ASCE 26: Direct Design of Buried Precast Concrete Box Sections
  • ASCE 27: Standard Practice for Direct Design of Precast Concrete Pipe for Jacking in Trenchless Construction
  • ASCE 28: Standard Practice for Direct Design of Precast Concrete Box Sections for Jacking in Trenchless Construction
  • ASCE 38: Standard Guideline for the Collection and Depiction of Existing Subsurface Utility Data
  • ASCE XX: Standard Guideline for the Collection and Exchange of Utility Infrastructure Data 

For more information about the division, contact Sri Rajah.