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Friday, August 9, 2019

The Pipeline Infrastructure Committee (PINS) is actively recruiting new people for its Task Committees.

These are 3 areas that PINs is currently working on.

Rewrite - MOP 120  Trenchless Renewal of Culverts and Storm Sewers
This MOP describes technologies used by engineers and transportation professionals in renewing culverts and drainage structures under roads, railroads, airport runways, streets, and similar structures. This manual covers topics such as safety, cleaning and inspection, condition assessment and evaluation, description of trenchless renewal methods, and lifecycle considerations. The chapter on renewal technologies presents background information, installation procedures, design considerations, installation requirements, asset management, and requirements for quality assurance/quality control and inspection. Manual was last published in 2013. There are discussions as to a need of updating the manual.

Rewrite - MOP 92   Manhole Inspection and Rehabilitation
Manhole structures are the principal means of access for collection system maintenance. Effective manhole inspection and rehabilitation are necessary to remove excessive manhole infiltration and inflow, improve manhole structural integrity, address public safety-related issues, and implement general system maintenance requirements. This manual presents a current and complete inspection and grading protocol that offers logical step-by-step guidance for maintaining and improving the health of these systems. This new edition of Manhole Inspection and Rehabilitation presents the primary components that allow agencies to accurately identify inventory, evaluate the condition of these structures, make informed decisions for rehabilitation materials, and include key quality control measures when specifying the use of rehabilitation materials. The topics examined in this updated edition includes: safety; manhole inspection; manhole rehabilitation methods; cost-effectiveness analysis and rehabilitation method selection; and construction inspection and quality control. Currently this manual is in a rewrite status. Manual was last published in 2013.

Lateral Inspection and rehabilitation:
This Method of Practice (MOP) will be a comprehensive guide for engineers, contractors and industry professionals to gain the knowledge to effectively evaluate, design, prepare contract documents, inspect and quality test the rehabilitation of both lateral pipelines and the main to lateral connections. The lateral pipe and the main to lateral connection are problematic areas within the sewer collection system that have, in many cases, exceeded useful product service life and can contribute significant amounts of unwanted infiltration and inflow into the sewer system. This MOP provides a brief history of how lateral and lateral connection liners have evolved and includes the public outreach and awareness needed including, education and health concerns. In addition methodologies, installation techniques, and sealing mechanisms, are discussed in detail for multiple products. This MOP will provide a best practice document for engineers, contractors and industry professionals.

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