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UESI Presidents Letter for May 2020

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Greetings from UESI as some locations begin to gradually reopen from weeks of shutdown.

Business continues in a near normal manner for the Board of Governors (BOG). We hit a major milestone during our April BOG meeting with the approval of the first ever UESI Strategic Plan . This process started in the fall of 2017 at a BOG meeting in Austin, TX.  Under the leadership of then UESI President Jim Anspach, the BOG spent a day brainstorming the future of UESI and collecting thoughts for a strategic plan.  After several iterations within the BOG, these thoughts became the first draft plan.

In the summer of 2019, this draft plan was presented to the attendees at UESI's first Leadership Summit, held at ASCE headquarters in Reston. The plan had six goals, and six flip charts were set up around the room so that attendees could comment on any part of the plan at any time during the Summit. Many useful comments were received during the Leadership Summit, and these comments helped form the final plan.

Completion of the strategic plan was a major topic at the BOG face-to-face meeting in San Antonio last November. John Campbell, President-elect, led us through a thought process that helped consolidate ideas and simplify the plan. Following the San Antonio meeting, a Task Committee, consisting of John, David Totman, Past President, Diane Swecker, Director, and me, was formed.  Jim O'Brien served as moderator and was instrumental in bringing the plan to completion.  Jim's contribution actually began last summer when he was the moderator for the Leadership Summit.

The Task Committee met several times, modifying and simplifying the strategic plan. Following a BOG review in March, final edits were made and the UESI Strategic Plan was approved unanimously at the April BOG meeting.

The new plan has three goals under the headings of Technology, Justification and Community.  A copy of the UESI Strategic Plan has been posted on the UESI website .

However, this is just the beginning. Now that we have a strategic plan, let's use it as a tool to advance UESI. The question is, "How do we implement the plan?" To do this, a group consisting of John, Graham Bell, Governor, and Jarred Jones, Younger Member, was formed to implement the plan. David and I will remain available as advisors to the group. If you are leader in a UESI Division or other capacity, you may be called upon the join this implementation group.  Please be willing to serve - it's only our future!

Thanks again to the many people who helped in some capacity to put the UESI Strategic Plan in place.  Now, let's make it work.
Lynn Osborn, President