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The Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025

  • What will the civil engineering world be like in 2025?

    What roles will civil engineers play in that radically transformed world?

    ASCE asked those questions to a gathering of 60+ thought leaders from diverse backgrounds and countries—civil engineers, engineers from other disciplines, architects, educators, and other leaders. The result was:

  • The Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025

    Entrusted by society to create a sustainable world and enhance the global quality of life, civil engineers serve competently, collaboratively, and ethically as master:

    • planners, designers, constructors, and operators of society’s economic and social engine — the built environment;
    • stewards of the natural environment and its resources;
    • innovators and integrators of ideas and technology across the public, private, and academic sectors;
    • managers of risk and uncertainty caused by natural events, accidents, and other threats; and
    • leaders in discussions and decisions shaping public environmental and infrastructure policy.

    Leadership Through Vision 2025

    The aspirational Vision 2025 challenges you, the civil engineer, to rise to a new level of leadership and professionalism—to be entrusted by society to achieve a sustainable world and raise the global quality of life. To earn that confidence, civil engineers, as a body of professionals, should exhibit mastery in five key areas:

    Planners, Designers, Constructors, and Operators

    PlannersAs masters of a new, more expansive body of knowledge and skill base, you, as civil engineers, will lead global, multi-disciplinary teams made up of professional engineers, technologists, and technicians, all with well-defined roles.

    Stewards of the Environment

    StewardsYou will introduce new technology, techniques, and financial methods for sustainable planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance. You will routinely encourage owners to adopt new, sustainable approaches to the built and natural environment.

    Innovators and Integrators of Technology

    InnovatorsYou will define the strategic research direction for leading-edge infrastructure and environmental technologies and promote faster application of new approaches. Multi-national knowledge exchange will become your staple, along with faster integration of technology through spirited partnerships.

    Managers of Risk

    RiskYou will gain mastery in assessing and managing risk and forge new tactics for reducing the incidence and effects of natural and man-made disasters. You will lead enterprise-wide risk management efforts and routinely make project-specific risk decisions while communicating options to all stakeholders.

    Leaders in Public Policy

    PolicyYou will greatly expand your role as public policy leaders for broad-based policy discussions and serve as opportunity finders as well as problem solvers. You will be the go-to professionals for insights on public policy decisions that shape the built and natural environment.

    Achieving the Vision

    Vision 2025 provides the point of future arrival but not the path. As the next step, ASCE developed a framework to move forward—Achieving the Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025: A Roadmap for the Profession—thereby driving action among civil engineers around the globe.

    Aspiration Becomes Action

    Now is the time to embrace the Vision and the Roadmap and put your passion and expertise into play. Vision 2025 embodies a number of key outcomes for the future—new states of affairs within the social and civil engineering environment targeted for reality by the year 2025. The Roadmap takes those outcomes, separates them into manageable pieces, and then spells out tactics for achieving each.

    Many have already embraced the challenge:

    • One university shaped its outreach to prospective students around Vision 2025 and saw a big jump in enrollment.
    • The Vision has inspired individual engineers to improve themselves and their firms by targeting leadership and skills outlined in the Vision.
    • 17 civil engineering organizations around the globe have signed endorsements of the Vision.
    • Key portions of the Vision reports have been translated into 3 languages—Spanish, Chinese, and Turkish.

    Consult the Roadmap and find out how you can make a difference today.