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Voluntary Contributions

  • Thank you for considering a contribution to support civil engineering. Your gifts fund vital programs that help advance the profession toward the future.

  • Giving Opportunities

    ASCE Foundation Annual Fund

    The ASCE Foundation provides support for critical ASCE programs to advance technical practices, promote the profession and prepare civil engineers for the future. Gifts to the ASCE Foundation Annual Fund go above and beyond membership dues to support many ASCE programs that may otherwise be unfunded. This has included projects such as the 2017 Report Card, National Concrete Canoe Competition, and ExCEEd Teaching Workshops just to name a few. Learn more at   

    Disaster Response Fund

    If your passion is to leverage engineers’ knowledge to mitigate future disasters, you may give to ASCE’s Disaster Response Fund. The Disaster Response Fund provides support for ASCE post-disaster (natural and man-made) assessment teams, as well as disaster mitigation, response, and recovery programs. Your gift will enable ASCE to deploy Disaster Response Teams when called upon to do post-disaster assessments. Learn more at

    Diversity Fund

    ASCE is committed to the advancement of inclusiveness within the civil engineering profession. Your gifts will provide funding to support strategic partnerships, projects and resources that aim to increase the retention and recruitment of a diverse civil engineering workforce.  To learn more about ASCE Diversity Programs and the ASCE Committee on Diversity & Inclusion, visit:

    Infrastructure Fund

    ASCE is committed to protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the public, and as such, is equally committed to improving the nation’s public infrastructure. Our infrastructure is the backbone of our economy and when it’s in bad shape, we all suffer. We must close the investment gap and rebuild our bridges, drinking water systems, electric grid and other vital infrastructure sectors that truly are the lifeblood of our economy.  We must call on our leaders at every level of government to make this a priority. Learn more at

    K-12 Outreach Fund

    Inspire young people to explore the world of civil engineering through ASCE's Pre-College Outreach (K-12) program. ASCE provides training, information, and resources to help support members’ activities to promote the value of STEM education and the excitement of civil engineering to kids, parents, and teachers. Your gifts help fund programs like the kids' website:, our high school Civil Engineering Clubs and a full suite of proven activities and resources used by members and educators to show kids what civil engineers do and how civil engineers are making a world of difference in their communities. Learn more at 

    Sustainability Fund

    As the stewards of society's physical infrastructure, it is incumbent upon civil engineers to lead the way in sustainable planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance.  The Sustainability Fund provides support for ASCE sustainability initiatives, including resources to help civil engineers build a better quality of life through sustainable infrastructure that provides environmental, economic and social well being. Learn more at 

    Section Voluntary Fund

    Each ASCE Section determines how to best use these contributions.  Many provide scholarships to students and to support continuing education for their members. Go to for more information on local Section activities. 

    Institutes of ASCE

    Your gifts to the Institutes of ASCE provide funding to expand programs and develop new activities that enhance your ASCE membership and advance your career.  Learn more at

    Donations to the above funds and Institutes are tax-deductible.  You will receive a tax acknowledgment letter for your gift to the Annual or program funds from the ASCE Foundation. Contact your Institute for a receipt for your gift to their voluntary fund.
    Donations to your Section may be tax-deductible. Please contact your Section for further information, and/or consult your financial advisor.