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Workshop for Student Chapter Leaders

  • The Workshop for Student Chapter Leaders (WSCL) is a training session for new student officers in ASCE Student Chapters.

    The in-person Workshop for Student Chapter Leaders will not be held in the summer of 2021 due to the pandemic.  The Committee on Student Members encourages new student leaders to tune in to the recorded sessions of last fall's Virtual WSCL for information to help you lead during the remainder of the year.

    We look forward to seeing you in person in 2022!

    2021 Virtual WSCL Recording

    The AEI Workshop for Student Chapter Leaders, organized by the National Student Officers was held on April 7, 2021 as a virtual event. The video features presentations from Alvine Engineering, the AEI Emerging Leaders Council, and several presentations from the AEI Student Chapters.

    View the recording

    2020 Virtual WSCL Recordings

    The Committee on Student Members recorded 7 virtual sessions, on topics usually covered at the Workshop for Student Chapter Leaders. 

    Virtual WSCL Session 1: Society Leadership Address: Encouragement During the Pandemic

    Tom Smith, Executive Director of the American Society of Civil Engineers provides an update for students and offers support as Student Chapters face an unprecedented time in history. He is joined by current ASCE President Kancheepuram (Guna) Gunalan, and President-Elect Jean-Louis Briaud for a Q&A period after the presentation.

    View the recording of Virtual Session 1

    Virtual WSCL Session 2: Engaging Members in a Virtual Space

    Members of CSM share information about how to use ASCE resources to attract and engage ASCE Student Chapter members virtually, and host an information-sharing session dealing with the new realities of virtual meetings and engagement.

    View the recording of Virtual Session 2

    Virtual WSCL Session 3: Membership and Recruitment

    ASCE's Director of Membership shares information about joining ASCE and upgrading your membership after you graduate. Student Ambassadors offer ideas for reaching out to civil engineering students at your university and encouraging them to join your Student Chapter and ASCE.

    View the recording of Virtual Session 3

    Virtual WSCL Session 4: The Annual Report

    Includes information about the nuts and bolts of the annual report, and a Q&A session about any questions you have about recording virtual events.

    View the recording of Virtual Session 4

    Virtual WSCL Session 5: Tips for Struggling Chapters, Large and Small

    Has your Student Chapter lost its mojo? This session deals with strategies for sparking interest and engaging members to get your Student Chapter back on track.

    View the recording of Virtual Session 5

    Virtual WSCL Session 6: Seven Essential Qualities of Leadership

    What are the traits of leadership that will help you now, and as you move into your career?

    View the recording of Virtual Session 6

    Virtual WSCL Session 7: ASCE Beyond Student Membership

    What happens when you finally graduate? Learn how to connect with a Younger Member Group and advance your career using the full range of resources ASCE membership has to offer.

    View the recording of Virtual Session 7