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    Your Online Technical Reference Tool

    McGraw-Hill Education logoASCE members now have access to this free member benefit. ASCE has teamed with McGraw-Hill Education to provide this new pilot program.

    AccessEngineering's 700+ titles span all engineering disciplines to assist you with your engineering problems, research, and projects. Most titles come embedded with calculator tools, interactive graphs, and downloadable tables.

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  • Key Features

    AccessEngineering delivers high-quality, multidisciplinary engineering information, essential for professionals, faculty, and students in getting the right results fast-through these dynamic interactive features:

    Calculator Tools

    AccessEngineering calculator icon These time-saving tools streamline common calculations and increase accuracy, otherwise performed by hand-by embedding the relevant formulas directly in Excel spreadsheet workbooks.

    Interactive Graphs and Downloadable Tables

    AccessEngineering graph icon These exclusive digital features make it easier to analyze key data.

    Personalized Tools

    AccessEngineering tools icon These custom tools allow users to highlight, organize, annotate and share key information. This would require a one-time registration and a separate sign-in.

    Exclusive Self-Teaching Videos

    AccessEngineering video icon Created by leading engineering faculty exclusively for AccessEngineering, these instructional, white-boarded videos facilitate learning through step-by-step solutions to real-world engineering problems that professional engineers and students will encounter in their career. The videos are embedded into each individual title.

    DataVis Tool

    AccessEngineering DataVis logo AccessEngineering's DataVis is a new web-based, interactive data visualization tool that instantly displays property data across a wide range of materials. DataVis allows users to compare the range of each property within material classifications as well as across classifications. Engineers need to fully understand the concepts behind certain material properties and their values. DataVis bridges this gap by presenting materials property data in dynamic visualizations that enable students, faculty, and engineers to tell a story with the data.

    View a short DataVis video tutorial

    What do members say?

    "I would like to give an example how AccessEngineering helped me. I was reviewing a directional drilling project and wanted to learn more about the technique. I was able to find a very thorough reference book from AccessEngineering which helped great deal to improve my understanding of the technique."   

    - Kerem Gungor, P.E., M.ASCE

    Students benefit too!

    As an active student member you have full use of AccessEngineering, which includes both undergraduate and graduate level information.

    Don't forget to upgrade your free membership to continue using AccessEngineering after graduating.

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