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Building the next generation of civil engineers

Resources to help you prepare tomorrow's leaders. 

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Be a part of the next effort to review and revise the CEBOK starting in October 2024. Apply now to join the Civil Engineering Body of Knowledge Task Committee – deadline July 19.
Picture of the Marc Basnight Bridge in Outer Banks, NC.

Accreditation and ABET

ASCE partners with ABET to offer accreditation for programs in civil engineering, architectural engineering, construction engineering, civil engineering technology, architectural engineering technology, and construction engineering technology.

Building the Next Generation of Civil Engineers

ASCE offers a full suite of resources to assist educators at every level.

Engineering Grades

ASCE’s Guidelines for Engineering Grades was created to help engineers and their employers recognize an engineer’s level of professional development and career advancement. The guidelines outline the knowledge, skills, and responsibilities associated with engineers at each grade.

The ASCE Guidelines for Engineering Grades Comparison Tool is an interactive online tool that lets you compare requirements across up to three different grades at once. 

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Cover of the ASCE Civil Engineering Body of Knowledge, Third Edition.

Civil Engineering Body of Knowledge: Preparing the Future Civil Engineer (Third Edition)

Civil Engineering Body of Knowledge: Preparing the Future Civil Engineer, Third Edition, outlines 21 foundational, technical, and professional practice learning outcomes for individuals entering the professional practice of civil engineering. The Civil Engineering Body of Knowledge guides ASCE’s work in developing civil engineering program criteria used to review civil engineering programs through ABET and advancing the professional development of civil engineers.

A triptych with futuristic renderings of a tunnel, aircraft, and skyscraper.

Visualizing Research to Spark Innovation: Introduction to scenario planning and visualization tools for the built environment

A new collection of course modules provides a primer on the Future World Vision project for STEM students in undergraduate programs.

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Engineer Tomorrow

ASCE's Engineer Tomorrow focuses on ensuring today's civil engineers gain necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to sustain the profession in the future.