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Specialty Board Certification

CEC specialty board certification helps you stand out from your peers. It’s your next career step after earning your professional engineer license.

Become a board-certified engineer

Board certification for civil engineers is vital to elevating the level of professionalism needed to meet the challenges facing the nation’s infrastructure. Board certification benefits the public, owners of infrastructure, employers, and practicing civil engineers.

Founded by ASCE, Civil Engineering Certification is the only professional credential developed by civil engineers, for civil engineering. It recognizes civil engineers who have demonstrated advanced knowledge and skills in a specific specialty area, bringing more value to civil engineering stakeholders.

To be certified, you must meet the established qualification criteria for education, licensure, and experience, and pass the certification examination.

Benefits of Specialty Certification

Board certification steps

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Board-Certified Engineer Directory

The CEC Board-Certified Engineer Directory is an online tool to help owners, employers, and the public find a Board-Certified Engineer in a specialty area in civil engineering.

Find a Board-Certified Engineer

Hire a board-certified engineer

Infrastructure challenges are increasingly complex, with new materials and technologies, a changing climate, and heightened public expectations. Including board-certified specialists on your team assures the most qualified and experienced engineering talent is working on these complex projects, delivering high-performing, future-ready infrastructure for your clients, stakeholders, and the public. Board-certified engineers can help reduce risk and improve project performance, and help you achieve project success.

  • Vetted through a robust review process to confirm that they have attained advanced expertise and knowledge in a specialty beyond the P.E. license.
  • Extensive experience contributes to an overall reduction in project risk, liability, and minimizes the risk of delays and cost overruns.
  • A board-certified engineer’s work in key positions of a project team will improve project execution and ensure the overall success of complex infrastructure projects.

CESB Accreditation

Civil Engineering Certification Inc. (CEC) certifications are accredited by the Council of Engineering & Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB). The CEC is expanding board certification to include additional specialties.

For more on CESB Accreditation


"The geotech certification has helped me and our company let many of our clients, colleagues, and the public know that we are dedicated geotechnical engineers who are capable of solving a variety of complex geotechnical problems."

Sujan Bhattacharya, Ph.D., P.E., BC.GE

"I can easily say that, right after becoming a licensed professional engineer, getting my certification in water resources was the single most important post-collegiate career advancement move I made."

Rick Van Bruggen, P.E., P.H., CFM, BC.WRE

"The geotech certification demonstrates that I am serious about my chosen profession and confirms that my peers consider me to be an expert in field of geotechnical engineering."

Bob Goehring, P.E., BC.GE

"When our firm submits a statement of qualifications in competition with other firms, the documented qualifications of the project team members is a critical criteria that is considered by the evaluators. This certification makes me more valuable to our firm, and I am sure that is reflected in my compensation."

Terry Winn, P.E., BC.WRE, F.ASCE

"When we hire another chief engineer here at Rembco Engineering, we will give extreme preference to board-certified geotechs over any other applicants."

R. Michael Bivens, P.E., BC.GE

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