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Engineering Grades

ASCE’s Guidelines for Engineering Grades was created to help engineers and their employers recognize an engineer’s level of professional development and career advancement. The guidelines outline the knowledge, skills, and responsibilities associated with engineers at each grade.

The ASCE Guidelines for Engineering Grades Comparison Tool is an interactive online tool that lets you compare requirements across up to three different grades at once. 

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John Roebling Bridge

History & heritage

ASCE’s Historic Civil Engineering Landmark Program recognizes historically significant local, national, and international civil engineering projects, structures, and sites.

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"I am a Life Member of ASCE and the Source is one of the best innovations I have encountered from ASCE in my 50 or so years of membership. I am based in Melbourne, Australia, which is about as far from you it is possible to be, and yet the Source will give me instant access to ASCE."

Dr. Maxwell Lay
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"I’ve had a great career that has been both fulfilling and meaningful. Civil engineers do more than any other profession to keep people safe and healthy by providing clean drinking water, proper waste disposal and treatment, and safe transportation systems. We prevent problems while other professions treat problems after people experience them. It is a wonderful people-serving profession."

Robert D. Stevens, Ph.D., P.E., AICP, Pres. 15. ASCE
ASCE Foundation Benefactor