Texas ASCE members outside the state capitol during the Legislative Drive-in, 2019   
Texas ASCE members during the legislative drive-in, 2019

Schedule a back home visit or attend a local town hall meeting or other event with a federal elected official to raise the issue of infrastructure.

Use these materials in requesting and conducting interactions with elected officials:

Issues to discuss:

ASCE's priorities for the 118th Congress

When should I schedule a back home visit?

The best time to schedule a back home visit or look for a town hall meeting to attend is during one of the many district work periods (or recesses) that Congress schedules throughout the year. See House and Senate schedules for upcoming opportunities.

State drive-ins and legislative days

Whether it’s a member of the licensing board, a state legislator, or a key government official, advancing your position is always easier when you have established and cultivate a robust network you can call upon when legislation crops up. Your section or branch can organize a "drive-in" to the state capital as a way to establish a strong network of elected officials and fellow ASCE members who can act as advocates.

Contact Lizzie Dorman for more information.