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New jobs for civil engineers by 2029


Total median pre-tax annual income for civil engineers


Average starting salary for civil engineers

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Career Connections

Your home for the best jobs available in civil engineering. Explore your one-stop shop for all things career-related.

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Continuing education fall programs

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The path towards professionalism

Prepare to earn the trust, respect, and responsibility that comes with being a professional engineer. Explore certifications and certificate programs to further advance your career.

Engineering Grades

ASCE’s Guidelines for Engineering Grades were created to help engineers and their employers recognize an engineer’s level of professional development and career advancement. The guidelines outline the knowledge, skills, and responsibilities associated with engineers at each grade.

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ASCE Publications

Bridges 2023 calendar

The Bridges 2023 wall calendar, with original photographs of bridges from the United States and around the world, celebrates the unique blend of technology and art that is the hallmark of great engineering.

Meydan Bridge (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) © Getty Images
© Getty Images
Meydan Bridge
(Dubai, United Arab Emirates) 
Horace Wilkinson Bridge (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) © Getty Images
© Getty Images
Horace Wilkinson Bridge
(Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
Red Bridge over Tadami River (Fukushima, Japan) © Getty Images
© Getty Images
Red Bridge over Tadami River
(Fukushima, Japan) 
Tradeston Bridge (Glasgow, Scotland) © Getty Images
© Getty Images
Tradeston Bridge
(Glasgow, Scotland)
New River Gorge Bridge (Victor, West Virginia) © Getty Images
©Getty Images
New River Gorge Bridge
(Victor, West Virginia) 
Stonecutters Bridge (Hong Kong) © Getty Images
© Getty Images
Stonecutters Bridge
(Hong Kong)
Granville Bridge (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) © Getty Images
© Getty Images
Granville Bridge
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) 
Elizabeth Quay Pedestrian Bridge (Perth, Australia) © Getty Images
© Getty Images
Elizabeth Quay Pedestrian Bridge
(Perth, Australia) 
Dragon Bridge (Da Nang, Vietnam) © Getty Images
© Getty Images
Dragon Bridge  
(Da Nang, Vietnam)
Queensboro Bridge (New York City, New York) © Getty Images
© Getty Images
Queensboro Bridge
(New York City, New York) 
Pont Neuf (Paris, France) © Getty Images
© Getty Images
Pont Neuf
(Paris, France)
Pythonbrug (Amsterdam, Netherlands) © Getty Images
© Getty Images
(Amsterdam, Netherlands)
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