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Volunteer members and staff from across ASCE collaborated to identify speakers and subject matter experts willing to become part of the ASCE Speakers Bureau.

The Speakers Bureau allows potential speakers to sign-up online and provide details on their areas of expertise, and availability, etc. This database is accessible to members, and allows sections, branches, younger member groups, institutes, student chapters and other ASCE groups to search for potential speakers.

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For additional information or questions, and to access the speaker list, please contact us.

Member Benefit

What members say about the Speakers Bureau

"This past year, I used the ASCE Speakers Bureau to find a speaker for a monthly technical meeting. The speaker we had originally scheduled cancelled at the last minute and as a Branch-in-training we were struggling to find a replacement. I was able to find three speakers that listed addresses in the near vicinity, one of which was willing and able. The speaker was very qualified and engaging and the meeting turned out to be a great success. ASCE Speakers Bureau is a good resource, especially for last minute replacements!"

Lisa Anderson