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Peer Review for Public Agencies

  • Finding out how to improve the quality of your agency's management and services can be a challenge.  An ASCE peer review will give you critical feedback on the effectiveness of your organization's structure, services, policies, procedures, and management practices.

  • ASCE Public Agency Peer Review

    An ASCE peer review is:

    • A customized in-person evaluation process.
    • For government engineering agencies or their subdivisions of any size, mission, discipline, responsibility, or location.
    • Completely confidential.

    Engineers networkingReviewers are licensed engineers with peer review training and senior management experience in public agencies.  They volunteer their time and are dedicated to helping their colleagues in other agencies.  Before they leave your site, they will deliver confidential, peer-to-peer feedback in a verbal report and will follow up with a written summary if requested.

    This 360-review places emphasis on issues that you request. It may include evaluation of:

    • Organizational Management
    • Project Management
    • Emergency Management Procedures
    • Technical Practice and Procedures
    • Human Resource Management
    • Financial Management
    • Public Relations Practices
    • Strategic Planning
    • Sustainable Practices

    Cover of Peer Review Brochure Peer reviews are particularly helpful to agency directors during or immediately following periods of transition or change.  The top three areas for improvement that we've seen are staff development, communications, and organizational development.  These are all affected by the changing environment in which you are called to provide services to your community.

  • “ASCE’s peer review met our needs, with a good capture of the details. Our team was very professional and well organized. We did implement some changes as a result of the review, and I believe that a follow-up visit after a few years would be beneficial as well.”  

    - Kay G. Love
    City Administrator, City of Roswell

    Download the program manual or contact ASCE for program details.