Cybercrime is a growing global threat. More companies are falling victim to hackers in large-scale data breaches. The news frequently reports new phishing scams targeting the public. But cyberattacks aren’t limited to commercial schemes.

In 2015, a power grid in Ukraine was taken down by a cyberattack – the first successful attack of its kind. The resulting blackout affected hundreds of thousands of people in over 100 cities. A subsequent attack originating in Ukraine impacted shipping and healthcare worldwide. This raises concern over the security of our nation’s critical infrastructure.

In this episode of ASCE Interchange, Michael Chipley, cybersecurity expert and president of The PMC Group, discusses how we can prepare our infrastructure for cyberwar.

As technology advances, cyberattacks will rise to new levels. “So what we can do now, both for our traditional IT systems and critical infrastructure, or what we call operational technologies, is put in place policies, procedures and technology to mitigate and illuminate those attacks to the best degree possible,” said Chipley.

He also discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting cybersecurity.

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