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March/April 2023 print issue

• Future looks bright for the public transit sector
• Fully digital delivery is on the horizon
• Seismic design shapes new airport terminal
• Improving the ground to expand a rail yard
• ASCE 2022 Annual Report: Executive Summary

Large circular building partially lit sitting on a green hill surrounded by buildings.

January/February 2023 print issue

• Unique elements combine in conference center design
• Venue showcases form, function, and resilience
• Museum sets new standard for digital design
• Tall tower requires a creative structural solution
• Bridge serves as sustainable solution for storm surge

man strapped to side of building with hooks and ropes

November/December 2022

• Keeping engineers safe at work
• Bridge improves connectivity in the Quad Cities
• 2022 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Awards
• Infrastructure resilience: Battling droughts and floods
• A tale of a structural marriage

Four skyscrapers are shown in the background, trees in the mid ground, and solar panels in the foreground.

September/October 2022

• What cities are doing to get to net zero
• Los Angeles museum is seismically improved
• An abandoned reservoir gets recycled
• Innovative convention center expansion solved site challenges
• Coastal rejuvenation is in the works in the Gulf

JulyAugust22 cover

July/August 2022

• Work is arduous for engineers who inspect the Green Bank Telescope
• Mid-Coast Trolley light rail extension brings opportunities to San Diego
• As climate change warms the world, wildfires and heatwaves grow more intense
• Record-setting convention center expansion pays off for Las Vegas
• Bridge scour protection project bolsters California flood-prevention efforts

man in protective gear walking on a yellow structure

May/June 2022

• Civil engineers act as first responders on urban search and rescue teams
• Dynamic concert hall pays tribute to rock 'n' roll icon
• New medical facility features innovative structural elements
• Engineers sprang into action to prevent wastewater pollution
• Inventive engineering and aesthetic elements combine in new airport terminal

cityscape at night in the background and an interstate with lit signs in the foreground.

March/April 2022

• ASCE Best Places for Civil Engineers 2022
• New train hall restores glamor to train travel
• California’s Central Valley gets an ecological makeover
• Once-in-a-generation legislation expands funding for infrastructure sectors
• ASCE 2021 Annual Report Card: Executive Summary

image of three pictures: a raging forest fire, dry ground due to drought, and homes nearly submerged due to flooding

January/February 2022

• Civil engineers are working to ensure resilient infrastructure
• The AEC industry is set to grow in 2022 and beyond
• Bridge restoration preserves iconic structure
• Civil Engineering Clubs inspire a new generation

six-lane highway with buildings on both sides of it  on Nov/Dec21 print cover

November/December 2021

• Engineers explore civil infrastructure’s impact on social justice
• Open-air theatre undergoes seismic retrofits
• 2021 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Awards
• Environmental restoration rebirths stream
• Abandoned hospital transformed into vibrant mixed-use space

magazine cover showing two beams of light on the site of the former World Trade Towers in NYC

September/October 2021

• Special section: The 20th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001
The events | The investigations | The impact on the profession | The reconstruction | The engineers who designed them
• Adding safety to the CE curriculum
• Visual arts center expertly mixes materials

magazine cover of July/August 2021

July/August 2021

• Engineers help prepare for hurricane season
• Best Places for Civil Engineers in 2021
• Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library has been transformed
• Artificial lake fulfills many roles in a new Houston park
• Michigan covered bridge was replaced with nearly identical replica

magazine cover of May/June 2021

May/June 2021

• Turtle-inspired dome tops former Tammany Hall
• Transit project extends rail to Silicon Valley
• 2021 AEC forecast: Up or down?
• New bridge boosts capacity from Port of Long Beach
• Running deflection testing in tandem optimized an airport runway assessment

magazine cover of March/April 2021

March/April 2021

• Modern roundabouts boost traffic safety and efficiency
• Engineers use hydropower from Red Rock Dam to generate clean electricity
• ASCE’s 2021 report card marks the nation’s infrastructure progress
• Performance-based seismic design succeeds at a hospital in Turkey
• One highway solved three problems outside Austin, Texas

magazine cover of January/February 2021

January/February 2021

• Birds in flight inspired the design of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s student union
• Response team investigates wildfire damage to buried drinking water infrastructure
• ASCE’s new code of ethics is easier to use
• Crescent shape marks new airport terminal in New Orleans
• Breakwaters aim to halt ongoing erosion at coastal refuge

December 2020 cover

December 2020

• Chase Center arena in San Francisco excels above and below ground
• Protecting your business from cyberthieves
• U.S. Army Corps deconstructs nuclear facilities, carefully
• Louisville Water completes its multiyear lead pipe replacement project

November 2020 cover

November 2020

• Sculptural NYC arts center facade designed to move
• Lessons Learned in the Beirut Blast
• Efficiency, speed are the hallmarks of Genoa bridge replacement
• The ASCE Report Card advocates for infrastructure

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