ASCE has honored Benjamin Colucci-Rios, Ph.D., P.E., J.D., F.ASCE, with the Wilbur S. Smith Award for unending leadership and dedication to action for the improvement of road safety in Puerto Rico and around the world. 

Colucci-Rios is a world-renowned civil engineering professional who has an unsurpassable passion for the engineering profession and its purpose of serving humanity. He has dedicated his life to the advancement of civil engineering.

His particular focus is on transportation engineering and highway safety, where he always emphasizes the importance of ethics and integrity while serving on a project. Colucci-Rios is a tireless worker, serving academia, the public and private sectors, and the general public. He has served as a revisor of the “Roads and Bridges” chapter in the 2019 Puerto Rico Infrastructure Report Card and as reviewer of the ASCE Journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Engineering & Construction. In addition, he has presented and published papers in several ASCE international forums, including proceedings of the International Conference on Transportation and Development and the Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution of ASCE’s Construction Institute.

The Wilbur S. Smith Award recognizes contributions to the enhancement of the civil engineer’s role in highway engineering.