ASCE has honored the Hawaii Section Younger Member Forum as the small group winner for this year’s Younger Member Group Award, based on their excellence in group social activities, their numerous society award nominations and winners, their school outreach programs, their community service projects, and their technical field trips and awards. Additionally, the Hawaii Section YMF has been active with STEM outreach events while also bringing a reinvigorating energy, camaraderie, and uplifting spirit to the engineering community.

The large group winner for 2021 is the Orange County Younger Member Forum. Highlights of the year include participating in 14 K-12 outreach activities, hosting the first-ever virtual Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition for high school students, kick-starting a University-YMF mentorship program with 27 mentorship pairs, holding the first-ever virtual senior graduation celebration, planning nine community service opportunities and drives, organizing 13 professional development and technical programs or tours, facilitating a comprehensive PE review course grossing $23,000, having another successful YMF-Branch mentorship program with 23 mentorship pairs, and having a virtual Pathways Academy program that involved over 20 companies during its three-part program.

The Younger Member Group Award recognizes the most outstanding Younger Member Groups of the previous year.